Born Tycho Vaiken (tie-ko vie-ken) on Dromund Kaas, there was never a more loyal son of the Sith Empire. Growing up in Kaas City young Tycho wanted nothing more than to bring glory to the once great, but now forgotten, Vaiken family name. He planned to become a soldier and rise up the ranks leading the Sith Empire in battle against the Republic scum. Reality for a non-Sith citizen, however, meant that the only way to gain any status in the Sith Empire was to join Imperial Intelligence and become an Agent. Harsh reality meant that despite being accepted into Imperial service, his Intelligence application was declined. Adding insult to injury a petty Sith bureaucrat, frustrated with her lack of Force ability, recognized the Vaiken name and assigned Tycho to a thankless job at Kaas City spaceport customs.

His family congratulated him and applauded his civic virtue, and while outwardly pleased Tycho was frustrated with his assignment. Perhaps it was this frustration or the fact that he truly believed in the Empire, but Tycho applied himself diligently to his job. Because of this, he soon became aware of the rampant and casual corruption of his fellow customs officers. A little digging let him find out that they were being paid egregiously by a Hutt cartel to allow for all sorts of illegal shipments to march right through the front forcefield.

A year ago and Tycho would have naively reported his findings to his superior. A few months ago and he might have gone directly to a security agent, or perhaps Imperial Intelligence. But this was a wiser, more worldly Tycho, still idealistic but having faced reality. So he documented, recorded, and stockpiled evidence for over a month, getting everything from names and faces to actual physical contraband. Once satisfied that he had everything needed, Tycho went directly to the Imperial Citadel and demanded to speak with someone in Intelligence. It took going through several functionaries but eventually he was face to face with a Watcher.

Tycho returned to his job at customs, but now an official Informer in Imperial Intelligence assigned to a Cipher agent. It took almost a year, but eventually they deconstructed the entire smuggling operation, and by the end of it Tycho was running Imperial customs at the Kass City spaceport. His family was astonished at his rapid rise in the ranks, and completely flabbergasted when he resigned his position to enter into training as an official Imperial Agent.

Because of the way he was introduced into Intelligence, his Watcher was quick to assign Tycho to the ranks of the Minders. Having proven that he valued the Empire above personal greed and ambition, he was trusted with rooting out internal threats within Intelligence itself. Tycho LOVED his work, and was extremely good at it. Whenever his Watcher wrote about on him the first word in the report was always INCORRUPTIBLE.

For several years Tycho was satisfied with this, but eventually he began to yearn for more. The war with the Republic was on hold, but Tycho’s missions would always have him brushing up against the fringes of conflicts long the edge of Imperial space. He began putting in requests for Cipher training, and was eventually accepted. Infiltration tactics, weapons, unarmed combat, starfighter piloting – the training was rigorous, extensive and intense. Tycho was not naturally gifted but applied himself and eventually passed all the examinations. All but the final test.

For each Cipher, the final test was different. Before being assigned a Cipher number an Agent had to prove themselves once and for all to the Empire. Tycho’s Watcher knew that simple greed or ambition would not be enough to sway Tycho. His integrity was too ingrained into him. But that very integrity was his weakness. He had to prove that the Empire itself was his first and only loyalty. To this end, his final mission as a Minder was to track down a seditious Imperial officer serving in the Navy. His briefing said that the crew of a dreadnought was being riled to mutiny and perhaps defection.

Tycho easily infiltrated the dreadnought and began investigating, but what he found baffled him. The first shock was discovering that the captain of the ship was his brother, Corran Vaiken. The dreadnought was serving on the Outer Rim, far from the front lines of Republic space but nonetheless facing combat on a regular basis against pirates and rebels. He quickly discovered that the crew, especially the enlisted personnel, where just as loyal to the Empire as he was – their sedition was all targeted at the Sith! Their only crime was wanting the same thing his ancestor Odile Vaiken wanted a place for non-Sith to serve within the Empire. They spoke about the infighting and corruption at the very top of the Empire while everyday risking their lives to protect the citizens of an Empire the leaders cared nothing for.

Tycho made his report, recommending no action needed to be taken, citing the combat he had personally witnessed and the valor and loyalty of the crew. The reply from his Watcher was terse and brooked no argument All acts of sedition by a serving Imperial officer, no matter the severity, are treason punishable by death. Terminate all offenders and return to Dromund Kaas. Tycho’s mind went numb. He found himself sitting in the Captain’s quarters, his brother sleeping right in front of him while he held a blaster in his hand. He couldn’t do it. He’d killed before. Often on nothing more than the word of his Watcher. ‘Treason’ was so often the reason. How many innocents had he murdered

Tycho Vaiken died that day. An escape pod was launched from the ship and shot down. All that was recovered was a finger and several teeth. The rest was presumed destroyed by the blast. And on the other side of the galaxy, in Republic space, a man by the name of Tyso Antilles spent the next decade drifting from sector to sector, doing odd jobs for whomever had the credits and spending almost everything he earned on cheap booze and cheaper women. A man who spent every waking minute trying to forget everything about his past, and every night dreaming about it.


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