Jen-Taral (Jen-Arbitras)

Pure Blood Sith Sorcerer/Assassin


30 Years old
Red skin
Bald with black eyes (uncommon for a sith)
Huge for a sith pure blood- 7’0’’, 340 lbs
Heavily scarred (Notches his chest for every person he has killed)
Black cloak with short sleeves

Race: Pure Blood Sith
Class: Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer)/Assassin (Force magic and stealth specialties)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral most of the time. Lawful Evil in battle.*


One’s name does not endow benign power on an individual, but great in its measure of meaning and mystery. I have had many names. Some forgotten and some remembered. Some pushed from my mind forceably, and some given to me in love. My most recent name is self imposed, for it is not who I wish to be, but what I have become that makes it real. I can not hide from who I am and who I am destined to be.

I was born Tyrael, son of a Kissai Priest and a returned Pristess of Tund. My sister, Ashla, and I lived with our parents in the shadow of the twin mountains on Korriban, named Nyâsh Hadzuska (Large Shadow) and Nwit Hadzuska (Small Shadow).

My memories of my childhood are but fragmented and fleeting, but I do remember pieces of my family. Father studied alchemy and the nature of the force. People from all over Korriban came to seek his services for special swords and different objects containing special alloys. Mother taught Ashla and I about the Unifying Force, as she called it. She said that the Force is neither good nor evil, but a single entity that shows all creatures their destiny. She taught me that all sentient creatures are force sensitive.

These memories cease in a bright and painful moment. When my parents were killed in front of my sister and I by a dark Jedi. In a moment of confusion and great energy, the Jedi died beside me laying on the rock and sand. A calmness fell over me as I watched the blood run out of his mangled body as I passed out from exhaustion. My last thoughts were of pain and satisfaction, knowing that I had caused his death.

I awoke in the service of Lord Agorro. My sister was gone, and I was not given any information about her. For years I was treated as a slave. Agorro named me Jen-Grotthu (Dark Slave). I served as a trainee of sorts by a myriad of dark Jedi, but all along I knew that Necreation was pulling the strings.

I have always had great anger inside of me. Throughout my years of slavery and training, I felt emotions to extreme, always trying to keep them inside. I seethed, at times, but the budding hatred in my heart was always countered with compassion for my fellow slaves. I often took beatings from standing up to our masters. One such slave, Asha, began calling me Jen-Taral (Dark Protector). This name I embraced, until Asha and I fought our way to freedom.

When she was killed protecting me, I wrestled with the name she had given me. With so much death and pain around me, how could I protect anyone? It is her light saber crystal that fuels my saber staff now. As darkness continues to follows me, I release the hate by carving deep gashes into my chest. But the darkness lingers… aligning itself with my destiny it seems.

Having now aligned myself with a group of travelers seeking to foil Necreation’s evil plan, we now try to collect as many ancient sith artifacts as possible before they use them for more death and destruction. There is no good and evil in this fight, only what is right and justified. At times I fear that the darkness inside me isn’t dissimilar to the darkness that we wage war on.

When I discovered recently that my sister was alive, in service to Necreation, and was herself a powerful sith warrior, I dubbed myself to Jen-Arbitras. For I am now, as the heir to Marka Ragnos’ great power, a judge of the wicked. All who deserve punishment will see my face. Judgement will find them. It will find us all…

Light Saber

Light Saber Fighting Styles:

  • Soresu and Shien/Djem So blend
  • Circle of Shelter: A technique where the duelist creates a protected area around themselves and their allies, making it difficult for enemies to penetrate.
  • Deflecting Slash: A technique where the duelist redirects the momentum generated by deflecting an enemy projectile into a slashing attack at an adjacent target
  • Barrier of Blades: Defended the user from blasterfire and redirected some of the incoming blasts.

Sith Pure Bloods have an resistance to force attacks
Force Awareness
Lightning (white with black outline)
He recieved the scepter of Marka Ragnos and the holocron of Marka Ragnos, which taught him the secrets of sith sorcery, including:
Ravage Mind (with illusion) and Dark Tendrils

Asha’s saberstaff with white blades and black outlines. I’ve installed small blades on both ends to use in close combat.

1. Was unintentional- Force Combustion on the Sith who killed his father
2. Agoro used the force to make him strangle another trainee with his hands
3. Guard abruptly woke him up during one the Korriban nightmares- used the force to expand artery pressure points on every part of body- involuntary.
4. In training- detonated a lightsaber in someone’s face while they were constructing it- he was picking on Asha
5. Zanthar- Used the force to strangle him after hitting with lightning
6. Large notch over heart for Asha (who was killed protecting me)
7. Notch for battle on Kashyyk with 20 guards and 2 sith
8. Lord agorro

Jen-Taral (Jen-Arbitras)

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