-25 year old Human Male
-Athletic/Strong build

Grey Jedi specialized for lightsaber combat.
-Duel Wielding lightsaber combat, especially with Niman (the duel wielding/force powers form)
-Force-based Physical Enhancements
-Saber throws
-Force Sensitivity
-Force Jump

Short term goals
-Learn to Double Jump
-Learn Controlled Emotional Augmentation of Force Powers
-Kill Decatur
-Gather Force Artifacts

Long term goals
-Help his friends reach their potential
-Stop Necreation and the Sith/Empire, Save the Republic
-Pursue romance with Kiah


Marrow was born and raised as a farmboy on Dantooine with his human family. In his youth, he grew close to a family friend, Kiah. One day, when he was in his teens he and Kiah went exploring and found a cave full of force-sensitive crystals. Mandalorian mercinaries found the same cave and attacked the children. Marrow grabbed a force crystal that called out to him and got in front of Kiah to protect her. He was about to be killed when Jedi Master Virk Del showed up and saved the day.

Virk Del took Marrow to the Jedi Academy to be trained, but the Masters said he was too old. Virk Del and a Twi’lek Master named Quelock both left with Marrow and trained him in the ways of the force. They shared many adventures together, but during all that time Marrow kept Kiah and his family close to his heart.

During one such adventure, the three of them boarded an enemy Sith vessel. It was commanded by Sith Lord Decatur, the sword of Lord Necreation. Virk Del became separated from Marrow and Quelock, who ran into Decatur and engaged him in combat. Decatur slew Quelock, and Marrow cut off Decatur’s hand in a fit of rage. Virk Del showed up and Marrow had to choose between revenge and going with his master. He chose to stay with Virk Del, saving Decatur for another day, but swore revenge upon him.

Just the two of them, Virk Del and Marrow continued to do good in the galaxy. One time Virk mysteriously wanted to visit a Sith Academy, and Marrow was told to stay on the ship. After sensing a troubling energy from his Master he had never felt before, Marrow left the ship and followed a path of slain Sith Acolytes to a temple. There he found Virk Del and his former love, Githany, engaged in combat. Marrow and Virk Del both tried to convince Githany to turn to the light, but she responded by trying to kill Marrow. To save him, Vrik Del slew Githany, who in her dying moments found redemption.

Marrow and Virk returned to Dantooine after the news of a Sith attack on the planet. Marrow found that his entire family had been slaughtered and their corpses were being eaten by Kath hounds. He gave the bodies he found a burial, digging the ground tirelessly and stricken with grief. He searched for a day for Kiah’s body without finding it. A dim hope remained alive in him that he would see her again one day.

Marrow and Virk separated after finding out about a Sith plot to collect artifacts. Necreation was up to something and needed to be stopped. But Marrow was not alone- he soon found allies: an Imperial named Tyso and a Duros named Grovuk. They soon found themselves in the company of a droid named XL-23 they found on Raxxis Prime in the service of a Hutt. After that, they visited Kashyyk and joined forces with a Sith pureblood named Jen Taral (now Jen Arbitras) and his companion- a wookie named Geyyoral.

The group searched for a force artifact on the forest floor of Kashyyk, but found instead three sith lords: Agorro, Decatur, and Twi’lek guy (I forget his name).

Then the group went to Korriban and found Sith Lord Ragnaros’ staff.

Then they met Virk on a space station and gave him the staff. The space station was attacked by a Sith fleet, and JT killed Agorro during the fighting. Ashla revealed herself to Jen as a Sith Lord. The group escaped.

Then they were almost destroyed by a Sith starship when Virk and Kiah (Now a fleet admiral for the Republic) showed up to save them.

Marrow found out that XL-23 had also been looking for Kiah, as she was part of his past. Marrow and Kiah renewed their friendship (and some romance, bow-chicka wow wow).

Next the group departed from Virk, Kiah, and the Fleet to the Ithorian homeworld of Ithor. On the way they saved an Ithorian named Brawlukk, who had been hibernating in space after escaping the planet. On the planet Ithor’s surface, Geyyoral died, sacrificing himself after the group failed a Sith test. The artifact was gone, as Jen Arbitras’ sister, Ashla, had already taken it.


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